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About Us

Whether you are an individual, a group of people or a business entity, Kamal Law Firm, PLLC, can provide legal representation in vast areas of law. Kamal Law Firm puts forth every effort to provide each and every client with undivided attention and superior customer service. Representation at our firm is a three phase process: Before representation, during representation and at the end of legal representation.

Before Retaining Our Services:

Our goal is to not only represent each client diligently but also to inform and educate them. At Kamal Law Firm, every client is consulted in detail about their legal matter from the very beginning before they make a decision to retain our services. We inform our clients with the possible outcomes, any anticipated or unanticipated complications, and a realistic approach towards their matter. We want all our potential clients to make an educated and informed decision to retain our services and pursue with their legal matter.

During Your Legal Representation:

Once a Client has retained our services, Kamal Law Firm has a strict policy to communicate with each client to inform them regarding their matter. It is our goal to provide any pertinent information regarding their matter and answer any questions client may have during the proceedings. In addition to communication, we also try our best to proceed with the case in a timely manner. Unnecessary delays are not tolerated at Kamal Law Firm.

At The End of Legal Representation:

Kamal Law Firm likes to maintain a professional and friendly relationship with all their clients. After the end of your case we offer a final in person or phone conference to answer any questions or concerns regarding the entire representation. We maintain a friendly and professional relationship with our clients so we can help them in the future.

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